DT #40 James Bell, Blake Gieseler & Jim Walters / TSA, Guns, Racism & Capitalism vs Socialism

Guests: James Bell, Gieseler & Jim Walters |

Topics: Breast Milk Mom , TSA, Legal Talk, Georgia ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law, Mental Health, South Korean Ferry Disaster, Cliven Bundy, Bundy Standoff, Racism, Capitalism vs Socialism, Minimum Wage, Unions, Fame vs Working Hard |

Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @mosy311 @Jimmyonesuit |

Relax everyone, Disturbing Thoughts is back! The San Diego cast of characters returns with one new guy. Rookie and friend of the show, Blake Gieseler joins us and we do the usual. Topics on…

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Episode Details:

    • Network: Vine Street Media
    • Podcast: Disturbing Thoughts
    • Episode Date: 04/30/14
    • Available: iTunes (Click Here)
    • Host: Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    • Guests: James Bell, Blake Gieseler & Jim Walters
    • Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @mosy311 @Jimmyonesuit
    • Description: Eps 40 – James Bell, Blake Gieseler & Jim Walters /TSA, Guns, Racism & Capitalism vs Socialism

Topics Discussed:

    • Breast Milk Mom Awarded $75k From TSA
    • Lawsuits / Law / Legal Talk
    • Georgia ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law
    • Mental Health Issues
    • South Korean Ferry Disaster
    • Cliven Bundy / Bundy Standoff
    • Racism / The “N” Word
    • Capitalism vs Socialism
    • Minimum Wage / Unions
    • Fame vs Working Hard


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Disturbing Thoughts Podcast – Eps 40 (04/30/14)

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Tom Waits – Talking at the Same Time


Bees Lip Balm gets you high

NY Cops will arrest you if you have too many condoms

Girl Arrested with loaded gun in Vagina

Guy tattoos pile of shit on cheating GF’s back

16 Year Old Sneaks onto plane, survives…

Proof that Gold Diggers exist…

18 Preserved Prison Tattoos That Are Still Attached To Skin

Male student stabs Girl 12 hours before Junior Prom

Man Fakes Kidnapping But Mom Won’t Pay $200 Ransom


Post-pardem Depression


Breast Milk Mom to be awarded $75k after 2 year law suit with TSA fucks

Georgia ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law

San Diego Chief requests Officers wear cameras

Female South Korean Ex-President

South Korean prime minister resigns over ferry disaster

South Korean Ferry Disaster

Cliven Bundy / Rancher and Racist Remarks

Cliven Owen says some more shit…

Bundy Ranch Standoff


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-The Vine Street Crew
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