DT #38 Chris LaVine & Anthony Lopez / Religion, Malaysia Flight MH370 and Fred Phelps Dies!

Guests: Chris LaVine & Anthony Lopez |

Topics: Holy Land Experience, Religion, Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation, Henry VIII, Malaysia Flight MH370, Donnie Darko, Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptists, Earthquake |

Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @christurmoil @sharpxtooth |

The show returns to Los Angeles with Chris LaVine and a newbie to the show, our friend Anthony Lopez. We have several conversations about religion, Malaysia Flight MH370 and the death of Fred Phelps.

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Episode Details:

    • Network: Vine Street Media
    • Podcast: Disturbing Thoughts
    • Episode Date: 03/26/14
    • Available: iTunes (Click Here)
    • Host: Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    • Guests: Chris LaVine & Anthony Lopez
    • Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @christurmoil @sharpxtooth
    • Description: Eps 38 – Chris LaVine & Anthony Lopez / Religion, Malaysia Flight MH370 and Fred Phelps Dies!


Topics Discussed:

    • #WhoGivesAShitNews
    • Holy Land Experience Theme Park
    • Martin Luther / Protestant Reformation
    • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
    • Ideas on Airplane Safety
    • Donnie Darko explanations…
    • Mirna calls the Podcast!
    • Fred Phelps Dies? Yay!
    • Gayest Cartoon Characters
    • St. Patty’s Day – LA Earthquake


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Disturbing Thoughts Podcast – Eps 38 (03/26/14)

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Fuckin’ Weirdo Brazilian with Fake Biceps
Woman dies trying to give herself Boob job! Wow…
Florida Butt Injections
Japanese Donut Heads
Iran Fake Ship
Holy Land Experience – Theme Park?
Holy Land Experience – The Map!
Holy Land Experience – Video!


Jehovah’s Witnesses
Martin Luther
Protestant Reformation
Chris was talking about Henry The 8th
Catholic / Protestant Headstones!
Eddie Izzard on Religion! He explains Henry the 8th and Martin Luther! Hilarious!

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Pilot Theory about Malaysia Flight 370
Google Maps – Langkawi
MH370 Flight Path
China to send ships to check debris Southwest of Australia
Google coordinates of location…
Average speed of commercial jet

MH370 – Updates

Malaysia Prime Minister: Flight MH370 Ended In The Indian Ocean
Flight 370: Storm delays search

United 93 – Yes, it’s on Netflix!
Titanic – “She’s made of Iron!”
Wing Stress Test – Video
Donnie Darko explained…buckle up! Shit get’s crazy
Boeing 747 – Wing Test
Fred Phelps – Dead. Yayyy!!
Pink Mass for Westboro Baptists
Did Chris mean Excommunication or Exiled?
Westboro Responds to Fred Phelps’ Death
Gayest Cartoon Characters???
St. Patty’s Day – LA Earthquake



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-The Vine Street Crew
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