DT #37 James Bell, Brandon A. Cottrell & Jim Walters / Mental Health, Political Correctness, Ukraine and Warmongering

Guests: James Bell, Brandon A. Cottrell & Jim Walters |

Topics: Mental health, Academy Awards, Political Correctness, E-Cigs, Banning Laws, Google Glass, Ukraine, Russia, Proxy War, Warmongering, RT News, Malaysia Airlines Disappearance|

Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @Jimmyonesuit |

We head back to San Diego for another podcast, 2 in row. Brandon returns and we talk about mental health, banning laws, the Academy Awards, political correctness, Ukraine and Proxy Wars.

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Episode Details:

    • Network: Vine Street Media
    • Podcast: Disturbing Thoughts
    • Episode Date: 03/12/14
    • Available: iTunes (Click Here)
    • Host: Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    • Guests: James Bell, Brandon A. Cottrell & Jim Walters
    • Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @Jimmyonesuit
    • Description: Eps 37 – James Bell, Brandon A. Cottrell & Jim Walters / Mental Health, Political Correctness, Ukraine and Warmongering


Topics Discussed:

    • Pregnant Mom Drives Kids into Ocean / Mental Health
    • Academy Awards Talk
    • Boy Suspended for Pointing Finger
    • Political Correctness
    • L.A. Bans E-Cigs
    • Google Glass
    • Ukraine / Russia
    • USA vs Russia / Proxy War
    • Malaysia Airlines MH370 Disappearance
    • RT News / Anchor quits on Air


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Disturbing Thoughts Podcast – Eps 37 (03/12/14)

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Back In The U.S.S.R. – Molly Hatchet

Clerks Clip – 37 Dicks (In a row?)


Man comes back to life
Polygamy Dude – 5 Wives Reality TV Show
Preggers Mom who drove kids into ocean charged with attempted murder. WTF??
SSRI’s Linked to Mass Shootings
Lindsay Lohan on Oprah Network
Woman Killed When Gun Left In Clothes Goes Off At Thrift Store
Teacher Accidentally Shows Personal Sex Tape To Arkansas Middle School Students
“Noah” banned in Arab counties…
Man To Remove KKK Flag cause people be offended?? What?? Nooo!
LSD Laced Walmart Meat
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Highway Clip


2014 Academy Awards – Results
Jared Leto
Matthew McConaughey
Jared Leto – Chapter 27 (Lennon Killer Movie)
Nowhere Boy (Lennon Movie)
Van Damme Kicks the shit out of stuff


Ohio Boy Suspended for Making a Gun with his Hand
L.A. to Ban E-Cigs
Truth about e-Cigs – Huff Post
Places that have banned Google Glass
Google Glass Lady
San Diego Cops to wear Cameras
Michigan woman dead for six years found only after money runs out
US Destroyer ship sails for Black Sea….HmMMMMMMM???
Ron Paul on Ukraine
Dan Carlin – Common Sense – Eps 270 – Poking the Bear
US intrusion in UKRAINE – Stephen F. Cohen paints a Cold War picture??
RT Anchor quits Live on Air
RT Putin Interview
Defense Spending Comparison
Newsroom Clip – Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore


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-The Vine Street Crew
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