DT #36 James Bell, Jesse Vasquez & Jim Walters / Tabloid Journalism, Six Californias, Nutrition and Conspiracies

Guests: James Bell, Jesse Vasquez & Jim Walters |

Topics: Netflix, Digital Content, Snake Kills Preacher, Religion, Tabloid Journalism, Celebrity Gossip, Weight Loss, Smoking, Six Californias Plan, Strange Laws, Nutrition, Farming, Consumerism, Poverty, Food Stamps, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Conspiracies, NSA, Edward Snowden |

Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @Jimmyonesuit |

New guest as my brother Jesse joins us to talk about all things disturbing and controversial. We cover tabloid journalism, this new Six Californias Initiative, thoughts on nutrition and Conspiracies.

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Episode Details:

    • Network: Vine Street Media
    • Podcast: Disturbing Thoughts
    • Episode Date: 02/26/14
    • Available: iTunes (Click Here)
    • Host: Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    • Guests: James Bell, Jesse Vasquez & Jim Walters
    • Twitter: @disturbthoughts @rsvjr @thejestergrfx @Jimmyonesuit
    • Instagram: @cityheightsasfvck
    • Description: Eps 36 – James Bell, Jesse Vasquez & Jim Walters / Tabloid Journalism, Six Californias, Nutrition and Conspiracies


Topics Discussed:

    • Netflix Selection / Digital Content
    • Snake Kills Preacher / Religion
    • Tabloid Journalism / Celebrity Gossip
    • Weight Loss / Smoking
    • Six Californias Plan / Pros & Cons
    • Strange California Laws
    • Nutrition / Health Food / Farming
    • Consumerism / Poverty / Food Stamps
    • Aurora / Sandy Hook Conspiracies
    • NSA / Snowden Thoughts


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Disturbing Thoughts Podcast – Eps 36 (02/26/14)

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The Doors – Five to One


Pentecostal Preacher gets “handled” by snake
Son of Preacher vomits turds from his mouth…
Employee Jerks it into a Co-Worker’s Shoe
Ramon’s Rick Astley Reference – “RickRoll’D”


Andrea Mitchell Had To Interrupt An NSA Discussion With Breaking Bieber News
Loser Keeps Bieber


Fired For Using Forklift To Get Twix From Vending Machine
Homeless Man wins Lotto
Doctor Sleep
Stephen_King – Wiki – Alcohol and Drug addictions
Kim Kardashian’s “Butt Won’t Stop Growing!”


Vice Doc – Teenage Exorcists PT1
Vice Doc – Teenage Exorcists PT2
Creation Museum in Santee
Tips for Jesus??
Colorado stash: $184M in marijuana taxes
Colorado’s Marijuana Sales Projected To Reach $1 Billion Next Fiscal Year
Six Californias Plan to Split up Cali
Plan to divide California into 6 states advances
Strange California Laws
Coke & Water Meme
Patriot Act Author Says NSA Is Abusing Spy Law
Bolivia: Presidential plane forced to land after Snowden rumors


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-The Vine Street Crew
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